3M® VHB, or very high bond foam tape, is our standard for securing our interior signs to a variety of surfaces.
Stainless Steel Tamper Proof Screws are a simple way to protect your signs from theft.
Whether it's added to the back or perimeter of a sign, silicone adhesive makes installation permanent.
Sign Stand Offs, which are available in Satin Aluminum, Black Polished Chrome and Polished Brass finishes, come in various diameters and lengths.
Aluminum accent bars can be added to enhance the look of most of our interior sign series.
We can create a custom graphic or use your artwork to add a distinct style to the interior Curve Series signs.
This denotes that a sign series is ADA compliant and features Grade II Braille, raised text/symbols and a non-glare finish.
This denotes that the use of recycled products and Greenguard™ approved materials make this series eco-friendly.
Studs are inserted directly into the letters so that no space is visible between the letter and the wall. This is our standard mounting method
Standard spacers can be added to protrude the lettering from the wall. This creates a floating effect for lettering and logos.
Customers can elect to have their lettering mechanically mounted to an aluminum square rail system which makes installation a snap.